USI – Glossary Of Terms

The Glossary lists key historical and contemporary terms related to the transatlantic slave trade. These words are used across the website and particularly in the Themes and Use of language.

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There are currently 12 Terms in this directory beginning with the letter B.
The Kingdom of Benin was a widespread empire across Nigeria and present day Benin that flourished from the 14th to the 19th century before it was captured and plundered by the British in 1897
A place to sleep on a ship
A person who will not listen to anyone whose ideas or beliefs are different from his/her own; one who regards or treats members of a group (as a racial group) with hatred or intolerance
Often used in Britain to describe people of African and Caribbean (and sometimes Asian) origin
Black British
Used during the 1980s to stress the political unity between African, Caribbean, and South Asian people in Britain. Now mainly used to refer to British descendants of first generation Caribbean migrants, or more broadly to all people of African or Caribbean descent living in Britain
Blacking up
The racist gesture of applying Black makeup on the face of a person who is not Black to represent a Black person
A rapid increase in growth, popularity or prosperity
A campaign where people join together and refuse to deal with a person, organization or country, usually to express disapproval or force an acceptance of terms
A class of goods identified as the product of a single maker; i.e. Coca-Cola
Marked permanently with a hot iron as identifiable property; traditionally used on cattle and livestock as well as on some enslaved people to denote ownership
British Empire
A system of dependencies, mostly colonies, throughout the world that were under the sovereignty and administration of the British Crown and government over a period of about three hundred years
The state or quality of being cruel or inhumane