Queries about using the Understanding Slavery website

The FAQs can answer some questions about how to use this website.

Who is this site for?

The site is written primarily for teachers. Students, where appropriate, can use parts of the site independently. It is also available to anyone wishing to learn more about the histories of transatlantic slavery.

Is this site only for history teachers?

No, although History teachers are the main target audience, many of the Learning Resources can be used in other subjects including Citizenship, English, ICT, RE, and PSHE and also by anyone teaching outside the formal curriculum. There is also a section for Primary schools.

Can I use this site for teaching key stage 2?

Yes, although was primarily designed for teachers at key stage 3 the activities can be adapted for key stage 2.

Our building block resources have been designed to help teachers of primary school pupils to explore some of the key areas of knowledge and understanding that young children need to have in order to make sense of transatlantic slavery.

Much of the background information will be useful to non-specialist teachers at key stage 2 who cover West African History as a world study or the transatlantic slave trade within a local history study.

Can I use this site for teaching older students?

Yes, although it is primarily aimed at key stage 3 the activities can be adapted for older students. Much of the Background Information and historical sources can be used independently by older students following their own lines of enquiry.

Is the information available to download?

Yes, the content in the Learning Resources is available as downloads. These can be used as part of your own lessons.

Can I print the pictures?

Yes, you can also project pictures directly from the site. Downloading the images first and then resizing them will assist in achieving the best quality for your purposes.

Are the materials ‘one size fits all’, or is their differentiation?

The Learning Resources are flexible enough to be used with a wide range of students and you can adapt them to your needs.

How much do I need to know about the transatlantic slave trade before I start teaching?

The website has an Introductory PowerPoint Presentation that you can use to get started or as a refresher tool. The Background Information on each historical theme is also provided to support your research on the subject. If you want to pursue a particular subject in more depth there are other resources listed in References and External links.

What about the issues and sensitivities of teaching the subject?

The sensitivities section of the website can support you in this aspect of the teaching and also offers guidelines about use of terminology. In addition, you can download the USI produced ‘Unlocking Perceptions’ pack which was created to support teachers.

Download the full USI handbook – “Unlocking Perceptions” (pdf, 34MB)