To the friends of Negro emancipation

This image was produced by the engraver David Lucas (1802 – 81) from a painting by Alexander Rippingille, and was published by Francis Graham Moon (1796 – 1871) London, in 1836. Popular interest in the issue of slavery declined after the abolition of the slave trade in 1807. However, the revival of anti-slavery agitation, political reform campaigns at home and a massive slave rebellion in Jamaica in 1831 brought the issue to public notice. From 1830 the Anti-slavery Society campaigned for emancipation across all British colonies. An Abolition of Slavery Bill was eventually passed by parliament in 1833 with abolition set to take place in 1834, although a forced ‘apprenticeship’ period followed ensuring that true freedom was not achieved until 1838. £22 million was paid to planters as compensation.

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